Mango, coconut & bee pollen smoothie w/ turmeric & ginger


Earlier this week I shared this recipe over on the gorgeous Undone Journal. This smoothie is a beautiful way to start your day or as an afternoon energy boost. It tastes exquisite and looks beautiful. 

Inspired by traditional indian lassi, I’ve boosted it’s goodness by adding bee pollen which is rich in B vitamins and nourishing minerals. Turmeric is added for it's anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Turmeric is a true superfood - we should all be finding ways to consume more. Fresh ginger and the other spices ensure this smoothie is really soothing on your digestive system. 

All good-for-you intentions aside, you should just make this because it’s delicious, REALLY delicious. 

Perfect when paired with a few moments of quiet and a clear sky.

You'll find the recipe here on Undone Journal