Fifteen minute noodles w/ ginger & chilli

Consider this your answer to the midweek meal dilemma. Sometimes I can’t bear the question of what to eat for our family meal. That might seem crazy given how much I clearly adore food but the busyness that surrounds family life is not always conducive to finding joy in the grind of planning dinner. These noodles are a weekly feature for us. They are really quick to make and are super delicious. Start cooking the noodles as you're beginning to sauté your vegetables and they truly are a 15 minute meal.

Use whatever vegetables are in your fridge. It’s a great way to use up the last bits of of the weekly vegetable shop. I always throw in some frozen peas because frozen peas are the best. The noodles are awesome as is or throw some chicken thighs or tempeh on top for added protein. 

I’ve got a really cool recipe coming to the bog in the next couple of days. A gorgeous one for the weekend.

Much love. Kelly xox

You'll find the recipe on the Dish Magazine site HERE