Raw brownie truffles w/ maca powder

As with most weekends, Sunday afternoon involved a little meal and snack prep for the week ahead. Being prepared with healthy (and delicious) things to pack for lunch and snack on makes such a difference to how I eat and feel during the week.  Today I turned my favourite raw brownie recipe into lovely raw truffles that can be stored in the freezer and thrown in with work lunches or as a afternoon snack. The secret superfood ingredient in these beauties is maca powder. 

Have you tried maca powder? I don't have a pantry full of superfood powders - I generally prefer to spend all my food dollars on actual food but I'm a little bit in love with maca. I feel a very noticeable energy boost when I use it and I love it's reported hormone balancing properties - great for keeping my skin looking it's best and my moods on an even keel.

Maca has a distinctive flavour that works very well with cacao. In fact it adds a slight malty caramelly note to this recipe that I really enjoy. I'm currently using the Matakana Superfoods maca powder. A lovely New Zealand brand.

The raw brownie recipe is HERE. It is one of my most popular recipes ever. With good reason too. It's a rich treat that you can feel very good about eating.

To turn the recipe into truffles, simply roll the mixture onto balls instead of pressing it into a slice tin. A handy tip is to use extra chia seeds or even a little unsweetened coconut to thicken the mixture if you don't have psyllium powder on hand. I rolled half of my truffles in cacao nibs and the other half was dusted in cacao powder. Delicious!

I'd love to hear how you get on if you try maca powder or the raw brownie truffles. 

Have a fabulous week! 

Kelly x