Breakfast inspiration - chia puddings

I'm incredibly fickle when it comes to that first meal of the day. I need to change things up regularly to keep me motivated to eat in the morning. This week I've been really loving chia puddings. Especially since I can pop it in a jar and take it to work - the more peaceful option after a chaotic morning here at home!

These are two of my favourite ways to enjoy chia. Recipes are from last year Winter on the blog. They feature ingredients you might not yet be incorporating into your daily breakfast. The first uses walnuts for a malty, rich cerealy pudding. You will find the recipe here: Walnut and Chia Breakfast Pudding.

The other blends up soaked pumpkin seeds with coconut water and vanilla for a surprisingly creamy breakfast. I love pumpkin seeds used this way. I think you will too. Chia Pudding with Easy Pumpkin Seed Milk

Adding variation to nuts and seeds you use is fun. You access a whole lot of differnt nutrients and you might just find some new favourites.

Have a fabululous day. Kelly x