Vegan black bean tacos w/ macadamia & garlic cream

Vegan black bean tacos w/ macadamia & garlic cream

I'm so excited to be able to share my new website, new name (my own!) and this renewed sense of direction for 2017. Freshening up the website has felt amazing. I hope you love the new recipe page especially - I do! It's now SO much easier to search through the recipes and I love that the photos are able to really shine.

Did you see my little announcement on social media about the upcoming addition to our family? I'm fizzing with excitement. We've been wanting another child for ages and are so grateful this little person will be joining us in June. 

My book is nearly here too! 'Wholehearted' will be on shelves on the 1st of March. I will have pre-sales happening by mid-Feb. More on that later....

This lovely recipe is the epitome of what my family is eating at the moment. Mexican food, with it's big flavours and gorgeous freshness appears often on our table. Often it's leftover roast chicken or lamb (fish is a favourite too), partnered with black beans, fresh coriander, lots of avocado and always some kind of hot sauce. Even my fussy four year old loves eating this way.

This week though, I wanted to take a lighter approach and I made these vegan tacos. The macadamia and garlic cream is really the hero. Beautifully creamy thanks to my Vitamix, though it will also work well using a powerful hand blender. Partnered with finely diced red onion, chilli and cherry tomatoes - these were SO good. Whether you're vegan / dairy free or not, these are a lovely addition to your own current Mexican food habit.

You'll find the recipe over on the Dish Magazine website HERE.

Kelly xox