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Goodbye 2014! (and my favourite recipes from the year)

kelly gibney1 Comment
Goodbye 2014! (and my favourite recipes from the year)

It's hard to believe that we are so very close to Xmas and to saying goodbye to 2014. This year has been an utter whirlwind. I'm definitely winding up the last twelve months feeling very grateful. In "dream come true" fashion, I've spent the last 12 months working on cool food projects with good people and most importantly building my confidence that I'm absolutely on the right path. I figured out a couple of years ago what it was I was truly passionate about, what I couldn't live without doing and am now making it my career. Nothing feels better than loving what you do.

It's been a very full on year though and without my awesome (handsome, funny, kind - he deserves a raft of compliments) partner, I couldn't have pulled it off. Not to mention my wider family. I am lifted up by the wonderful people I love.

I hope you're all managing to find some moments of calm, happiness and joy in this crazy time of year? Isn't it funny how we all hurtle towards the silly season feeling rushed, under pressure and like there is never enough time - EVERY YEAR. In past years I've found it almost a relief when boxing day rolls around, because that's when the real relaxing can start. This year I'm making a real effort to enjoy everything about the lead up to Xmas - decorating the tree, planning the menu, making edible gifts. Having a 2.5yr old helps. Everything is exciting to Bonnie and her glee is infectious

Big thank you to you all for being so awesome too. I've squealed out loud and clapped my hands in excitement at seeing you recreate my recipes so many times. I really love this blogging business when it helps me connect with great people.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic so have compiled a little selection of my favourite recipes from the blog this past year. Not necessarily the most complicated recipes I've ever written or even the readers favourites but these are four delicious dishes that have found their way into my heart and that I make constantly.

I hope you try some of them out if you haven't already or revisit a favourite if it's been a while.

First up is my Honey roasted carrot, miso & ginger dressing. This is seriously addictive. A divine savoury / sweet flavour explosion that you will want to pour all over everything. 

The next little piece of perfection is my Gluten free blueberry & dark chocolate cakeThis is my go-to celebration cake. It's is ridiculously simple to prepare but always feels a little bit fancy and special. It's gluten, grain and refined sugar free. A truly wholesome and beautiful treat.

My Millet Risotto Cakes are the ultimate family friendly comfort food. Millet is a wonderfully nutritious little grain that absorbs flavours brilliantly. These crazy delicious cakes are crumbed in ground almonds for a gluten free and high protein alternative to breadcurmbs. I've been making them lately with broccoli and blue cheese as the flavouring. AMAZING.

This recipe for Buffalo Mozzarella & Zucchini Ribbons w/ Black Olives, Herbs & Edamame is easily is out in front as my salad favourite this year. A simple but divine marriage of flavours; you'll wonder how you lived without this pretty salad in your life.

You'll see me on social media for the next few days (until I take a much needed digital break) but this is my last post for the year on the blog - Eeek! I can't wait to see what 2015 bring!

I hope you have the fun and restful break you deserve.

Big hugs, Kelly xx