Buckwheat risotto w/ roasted cauliflower, almonds & leeks

Buckwheat risotto w/ roasted cauliflower, almonds & leeks

Hello my friends! It's been a little while hasn't it? I'm currently very deep in the process of writing my book. It feels quite surreal to be well and truly 'in it' after wanting this for so long. The amount of work is pretty staggering despite what I imagined to be very realistic expectations. Ha! The amount of time that each recipe requires when you are not only creating and testing but also shooting. styling and editing is pretty intense. Its all-absorbing. One day I'm feeling incredibly inspired and as though I'm in the most creative slipstream I've ever had and other days I feel as though it's my first day on the job and lord knows who thought I could pull this off!?

My 3 year old daughter is always on hand to pull me into the present moment. She's constantly advising me what I should and shouldn't put in the book - yes to anything with chocolate and no to anything green. A couple of weeks ago she put together a little flatlay for the book. I shared it on social media. I'm not sure it'll make it in but it sure did make my heart melt. Future stylist that girl.

This recipe is SO delightfully tasty and wholesome. Buckwheat is completely transformed by soaking overnight and then infusing delicious flavour at every stage of cooking. If you've previously been sceptical about this earthy grain, please give it a go! The result is really wonderful.

You'll find my recipe over on the Dish Magazine site HERE

Much love. Kelly xox