My favourite ceviche w/ crispy paprika potatoes

I'm such a muddle of excitement and anxiety at the moment. But in a good way if that makes sense? There are lots of lovely and exciting things happening. Life is definitely moving in the direction I want and have been working towards. I'm a bit of a worrier by nature though so change always makes me fret a little. Maybe that's a kind of balance?  (Said with a wry smile). That's how I'm justifying my little worry bursts anyway. 

As I mentioned in my last post I'm working part time now as well as doing food projects and our sweet Bon is in daycare a few days a week. I often edit photos and write at night so more than ever our weeknight meals need to be simple. I can't compromise on taste though. I won't waste a single meal.

Dinner doesn't get much easier - or more delicious - than ceviche. It might just be the perfect midweek meal. If you've never made this raw fish dish at home before - now is the time to try! You'll be hooked. The fish preparation time is literally five minutes and then it's popped in the fridge to "cook" in the lime juice for half an hour. Just enough time to roast some gorgeous, golden paprika potatoes. The ceviche is beautiful on it's own but I've always loved that hot and cold contrast. Fresh fish and crispy potatoes are a perfect marriage.

At the bottom of this post are some family snaps. I was looking through some of our pictures tonight and feeling blessed to be part of this fun little team of three. I had to share.

This recipe is bright, fresh, delicious and will make you happy. I promise. x

Simple ceviche w/ lime, mint, chilli & avocado and crispy paprika potatoes

Ceviche Method

400 grams firm white fish (I used gurnard) - cut into 1cm pieces

1 large red chilli - seeds removed and finely diced.

Large handful mint - roughly chopped

1 large avocado - diced into cubes

1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice

salt & pepper  to taste


Combine all ingredients except for the avocado and salt in a non metal bowl and combine well.

Place in the fridge for 30-60 mins.

Add the avocado just prior to serving. Stir through gently.

Season well with salt and pepper.

Garnish with more mint if desired. Serve immediately.


Paprika potatoes

3 -4 large Agria potatoes or equivilent - scrubbed and chopped into cubes.

1 tsp good quality hot smoked paprika

Coconut oil, ghee or roasting oil of choice.

Salt and pepper to taste.


Place your potatoes in a large roasting dish and combine with oil.  

Sprinkle with the paprika and toss well.

Bake on a high temperature until crispy and golden. Approx 30 mins.

Season well with salt and pepper.

Enjoy x